Book Review “Release: You”


This is a passionate book filled with such raw emotion that the power flows from each page. The title “Release: You” is perfectly fitting. These pages speak directly to the injustices of our society. Not just those that we understand on a daily basis (especially in light of recent events), but more importantly to the ones we inflict on ourselves.

Each individual’s greatest limitations are those self-imposed. This book speaks directly to the heart of the problem. You do not have to be someone just because everyone you know is. One of my favorite pieces in this book is “Sing the Tune of Your Heart” which states “You don’t have to harmonize with hate just because your family has been…” this message speaks volumes and is one our world needs right now. Not only do you not have to treat people the way generations have been treating them, because it has become the norm; you also don’t have to treat yourself the way everyone else has.

This book contains so much hope and inspiration for the world and each individual reader. I would highly recommend you read it, not only will you see the world in a different light, but you will find a way to let your true self shine.

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