Love’s Calling Card

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Good afternoon all. Forgive the lateness of this post. My littles started home school today and it has been busy in our house. I wish all of you a fabulous week and stay safe and keep inspiring to be inspired. The world is full of fabulous treasures just waiting to be unearthed. 

Love’s Calling Card

Again the tears fall

Proof of a treacherous 



The strategically placed walls

crumbled. Now the pain



Lies covered like chocolate,

melt into its bitter



Once again, vicious lashings

from words disguised as



Old wounds open to

reveal the self-inflicted



The calling card of 

those who fall in


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9 thoughts on “Love’s Calling Card”

    1. Thank you on both accounts. They are doing pretty good, so far. The 4yr. old is loving his new home schooling. The older ones dove right in like it was nothing. Hopefully this momentum will last. Have a marvelous evening and an inspired Thursday.

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