My Journey Continues

Photo by Jan Koetsier from Pexels

You were my light

when all the world seemed grey

My heart breaks daily

plenty are the words, I’m longing to say


My journey continues

though yours has come to an end

The smile I show to the world now,

without you is nothing but pretend


Memories of you give me strength,

help me find my way

Your love for others 

reminds me of why here I must stay


Though your body has departed,

your spirit remains for all to see

You will live forever dearest,

right here inside of me


My heart may be shattered

but your love has kept it whole

Though I only knew you briefly,

my heart you completely stole

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3 thoughts on “My Journey Continues”

    1. Thank you. You are too kind, but I love it 😉 I wish you a fabulous week ahead and I will be commenting on your newest post soon. I want to read it again and make some notes. I find the mystical and magical fascinating and these grasses are right up my alley.

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