Midweek Positivity

Good day, all. I hope your week is off to a fabulous start. For those of you who are struggling through this week, I am sending you extra love and hugs to get you through to the weekend. Oh, and a bit of sunshine and flowers to inspire your week in the brightest of ways.

Here is my of my recent poems. I think it is fitting in these unsure times that have a hint of hope in the horizon. As always, inspire to be inspired. Enjoy the changing of the seasons and allow the natural beauty of nature be your guide this week. 

The Elusive Happiness

Such a myth exists,

that explorers have hunted it

since the beginning of 

time. Kings and leaders

have sought its presence.

Paying vast fortunes

for one elusive glimpse.

It is fabled to be fleeting,

leaving many to question

if it is truly real.

Philosophers have devoted many

lectures to its reality.

Still yet, it’s a mystery.

Precariously just out of

reach, except by those

who have discovered that

it cannot be purchased,

nor stolen, or sold.

For happiness can only

be found in the treasures

we already hold. In the

inner sanctuary of the

heart, called home.

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