Interaction Time: I Want Your Opinion

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Good day and happy Monday to you all. I hope this new month is finding you all immensely happy and inspired for the new life that comes with spring. Today, I am asking for your opinion. Since I write with all of you in mind, I thought I would ask your opinion on a new project. 

So, here’s the idea. I have been contemplating doing recorded poetry readings and adding them to my Patreon account. I want to know if this is something any of you would be interested in. After all, you would be the ones listening to them, and I am not one to sit and listen to my own voice. I would like you to let me know in the comments here, on social media, or anywhere you would like, what your opinion is. Is this an idea that you would be interested in, or would you rather I focus my time somewhere else (feel free to specify)? I look forward to hearing from all of you and thank you in advance.

While you are pondering that question, I thought I would leave one of my newest poems for you to contemplate in the week ahead. As always, inspire to be inspired and never stop looking forward. What is behind us is there for a reason and the future is as bright as we write it. 

Is It?

Blame…always on me

Nothing is ever

your fault.


Fear…my daily breakfast

Best served hot

to avoid



Silence…my evening prayer

Speaking leads to

tongue lashings.


Tears…ever flowing streams

The body cycles

through the

eternal dam.


Escape…a forever goal

Though the mind

forgives again.


Marks…none are seen

Bruises hidden inside

Figments of an

overactive psyche.


Abuse…not without signs

Right? The pain

seems real.

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