Celebrating Tuesday with Poetry

Good morning and happy Tuesday, all. Sending everyone happy vibes to eradicate the Monday blues. I thought I would drop in and share a bit of poetry to keep the week moving.

I also want to tell everyone to stay tuned for a brand new logo and hence new and inspiring merchandise coming in the next weeks. 

As always, inspire to be inspired. You never know when your inspiration will help someone else find their muse. 

When Freedom Isn’t

What is it like, you ask, 

living in a land that is free?


The in-fighting of leaders

is wonderful. It brings out

the worst of people

in the most joyous of ways.


Oh, and let me tell you

of the inequalities. The 

ones that leave neighbors

dumpster diving while the

2% dine on their toes.


Race is an issue too, 

though many say it’s a 

Hoax. But they will tear

you down and send you 

on vacation to the hospital

where you can buy a house

for a few nights or a 

grass covered plot for eternity.


The plethora of possibilities 

continues to grow. The 

list now includes confusion,

racism, and poverty, not to 

mention the dream of 

discrimination for anything 

you choose.


And the best part of the dream,

you know that it will all be on

tomorrow’s newest post. 

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