Wasted Time

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Good day, all. I hope this finds you all doing fabulously. Happy Monday and may this week bring each of you success and happiness. I just wanted to drop in and leave some poetry as food for thoughts for the week ahead. 

As always, inspire to be inspired. You are fabulous and never let anyone steal your perfectly imperfect, because it belongs only to you. 

Wasted Time

You were the normal one…no drinking or drugs.

You accepted me-baggage and all.

That was my first mistake…thinking 

I would be acceptable to anyone but me.

The I do’s quickly turned to I don’t like you this way.

Your words were cushioned by securities of home, 

health, family.

My fears of physical abuse blinded me to your lashings

from a seductive tongue.

I’ve lived through physical bruises lasting for weeks.

Sexual assaults that bruised body and soul.

Beatings so painful, I prayed for death.

None of these prepared me for the hidden assault 

you played.

You made me question myself…leaving me a hollow 

shell of who I once was. 

Your words lovingly caressed my mind until the bruises 

left only cranial mush. 

I prided myself on never accepting abuse.

But how do you defend against the grenadine words

that stain the mind red with their acidic aftertaste?

I accepted the words because they were safe…

until they weren’t…

until I wasn’t. 

But then, it was far too late. 

The realization was devastating,

but not nearly as much as the time 

wasted on self-shame.

3 thoughts on “Wasted Time”

  1. A wonderful blast of poignant, powerful poetry to end the day and start the week on! 😉 Thank you for sharing this gem! Hope that you are all keeping well and staying safe! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your continued support. So happy you enjoyed it. Wishing you a fabulous week ahead. May it be filled with fewer restrictions and more living. All are well here, hoping you all are safe and healthy as well.

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