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    Book Signing

    Super excited. I finally have my first book signing set up and ready to go. I do not know where any of you are, but if you happen to find yourself in the Coffeyville, KS. area on the 23 of February, between 1 pm and 4 pm, drop by the Public Library and say hi. I will be signing any and all copies of my book “La Flor Manor”. They will also be available to pick up there. It would be fascinating to meet any and all of you.

    I am looking forward to meeting everyone and having a great time. Until then I want to wish all of you an amazing week and please stay warm. Remember to inspire others on your path to finding inspiration.

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    I Am Somebody

    Nobody sees me, cry as I may

    Nobody sees me, as I simply fade away,

    Nobody hears me, or my pleas in the night

    Nobody hears me, as I struggle through this fight

    Nobody needs me, until their plate is bare

    Nobody needs me, they don’t even realize that I am not there

    Nobody knows me, or the path that I tread

    Nobody knows me, or the pain inside my head

    Though nobody sees me, my heart breaks in two

    Though nobody sees me, my tears cry out for you

    Though nobody hears me, my song I will sing

    Though nobody hears me, my voice I will give wing

    Though nobody needs me, my gifts I freely give

    Though nobody needs me, happiness I continue to live

    Though nobody knows me, one day they will

    Though nobody knows me, I share myself still.

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    Calling Home

    My voice is echoing, it keeps calling your name,

    My heart is aching, looking for a reason, myself I continue to blame,

    You were so young my dear, only two years of life had you seen,

    You were gone in a heartbeat, no explanation of what this would mean,

    The world turned to darkness the day you went away,

    Nothing really mattered, except the question of why you could not stay,

    I have asked that question more times than I care to admit,

    I have prayed for an answer, still waiting, still here I sit,

    What I would not give to hold you to have you cradled in my hands,

    To see the young man you would turn into, instead emptiness in front of me stands,

    I know my precious angel, one day your face I will see,

    Until then my darling I carry you here close to me,

    In my heart you have a home, the piece of you no one can steal,

    The love that is there is forever, always, and real,

    Though at times I wish I could call you home to me,

    I will see you again, when my soul has been set free.