Being Imperfectly You

In deciding what to write today, I took a cue from my 13 year old. As we all get ready for the long awaited day that our children will return back to school, (after what seems like a very long three months) life can be chaotic and stressful. There are clothes to buy, haircuts to get, and what seems like a million supplies. While buying clothes, I heard “but my friends have those,” for what must have been the tenth time, when it hit me. Half of the stress that is felt during this joyous time for parents, is the worry of fitting in.

We all traverse the stage, we call our life worrying about whether we will fit in or not. From childhood to adulthood, we worry about playmates or in-laws liking us, and fitting into our new surroundings.

Why should fitting in be so monumental in our thought process? Would it not be logical to worry about standing out instead. Such as “I wonder if I will stand out for doing my best today,” or “maybe if I stood out a little more from my colleagues, I would get that promotion I was dreaming of.” Personally, I think standing out and being different is a wonderful thing. Maybe it is just my way of trying to say I am normal. I have lived many years trying to fit in, and being horribly upset and uncomfortable, because, in truth I never have. I have always thought differently, or done things others considered strange. I mean really, how many 21 year olds, were happier at home reading a book, than being in a club dancing with friends. Well, maybe just me, or possibly quite a few, who don’t because, they are trying to fit in.

So here is my new challenge, showing the world, (or at least my children) that it is okay to stand out and be imperfectly themselves. No matter who that is.

I hope you all have a perfectly imperfect week. Remember, be true to yourselves, live, love, and let the masses worry about fitting in.



Love, the Power of Words

Every day we hear “I love you” all around us. We say it to our spouses, children, parents, familiesn and friends. I don’t know about any of you, but I was raised to say it before bed and before leaving to go any where, because you never know what could happen. So I say it, and mean it, but how many have just gotten in a routine of saying it, and have forgotten the meaning?

This is the problem, we are trained that saying I love you is what you are supposed to do. What if we changed that mind set?

First of all, you say I love you to everyone, right? No. The truth is most people leave out one very important person, yourself. Think about it, how many times have you told yourself, I love you? For most of us, the answer is not many. So let’s make that step one to the new mind set. Love yourself.

Second, what if we didn’t teach that “I love you” is what you should say? Instead we could teach “I love you” is what you are supposed to show. With actions, not words. If this is what we teach for the most important words in our language, then maybe, just maybe, it would give meaning to other words as well.

Think about it, if “I love you” is given meaning by action, then words like honesty, integrity, loyalty, and faithfulness might too regain their meaning by action. And if we can give meaning back to our words, we might be able to bring sanity back to the chaos that has become our world.

This is of course my opinion, but what could it hurt to try?

Wishing all of you a wonderful evening, and a life of real love.


Reaching Your Dreams

Setting goals in life, is a natural thing. We set goals for college, family, car, jobs, etcetera. How many people actually set goals for their dreams? I too, am guilty of not setting goals for my dreams, until recently that is.

As a mother to 6 children, from 2years to 24 years, and a recent college graduate, goals are a daily part of life. We have goals for chores, grades, family time, and the all important sports. However, until about 2 months ago, I did not have goals to fulfilling my dreams. Then it hit me, as I was staring at my computer, wondering how I was ever going to achieve the things that make me the happiest, I cannot achieve them if I have not set a priority to do so. Now I have a goal set for following my dreams, and plan a part of my goals in my daily routine. One of my life long dreams has been to write, and I have done so for personal satisfaction since I was a little girl. We don’t need to discuss how many years that is, let’s just say a long while. What to do about making this happen? How am I going to finish the book I started writing last summer? I am a mother and wife after all, there is no time for other things, right? Wrong!

This is where my decision for goal setting to meet my dreams came in. I have set a personal goal as to when I want to have the book finished. This in turn puts my book on my daily schedule of priorities. Now, like everything in life, I can see a way of achieving what I dream about, and dreaming becomes a reality.

While I work towards the goal of completing my book, I have set some smaller goals as well, (like writing this blog post), to help me achieve my dream of writing. And just like that, as soon as I push publish on this post, I have achieved, at least part of my dream of becoming a writer.

Our dreams are what make life worth living. So, make a plan, set your goals, and follow your dreams. Dream big and live your dreams.