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When One Dreams Dies, Another is Born to Take its Place


Anchored in Misty Lake is a compelling story that has you comfortable, mad, happy, and in love by the end.


This is the story of Shauna McCabe and her four older brothers. Shauna works at a bank while she works towards her dream of opening her own yoga studio and day spa. She has finally reached her goal and is ready to make that leap. Only to have her dream snatched out from under her by mega-rich Cortland Mackenzie. Mackenzie has set out to further his families holdings with a chain of yoga studios. He just so happened to choose Shauna’s town and the exact location she has chosen for herself. The story takes you through the emotions felt by Shauna and her desire to escape. Throw into the mix four big brothers on the hunt for their baby sisters tormentor and you are in for one interesting ride. Will she be able to forgive this stranger and stay in her home town, or will she pack up and leave it all behind?


This was a great story that had me feeling all of Shauna’s emotions and heartache. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who enjoys a love story with high emotional involvement.


This book is fascinating, to say the least.


Sequence (The Heart of the Ocean, #1) is the story of Alessia and her journey from a world that has always made her feel like an outsider, to a world that was home.


Alessia has lost her parents and lives with her aunt. She has had a hard time in life and now she is facing the voices she is hearing. At her limit, Alessia’s aunt sends her to an island for the mentally insane. Doctors have decided she is incurable. Little do they know that she just needs to go home. To a world under the ocean. After escaping, she finds her way home to this new world. She no longer feels like an outsider, she has finally found where she belongs, and along the way she finds where her heart belongs as well. This story takes you through Alessia’s journey home and shows the path she must take for her true powers to be revealed. She is just beginning her task of becoming the chosen one in this first book. She has found family, love, and a lot of responsibility. Will her innocence and pure heart be enough to carry her through. I cannot wait to find out.


I look forward to reading the remaining books in this series. This first book has kept me wanting more. I could not put it down. I needed to know what happened to Alessia and the other half of her heart Dante. This story is romantic, fantastic, and addicting. The pace is wonderful and the flow takes you from beginning to end on a seamless journey. I would highly recommend this book for lovers of fantasy or romance. It covers both quite well.


“Asia: Good Girl by Susan A. Buchanan


This book is for adults only due to sexual content.

Asia Daniels is the Marketing VP at MinolaTech. She is a minister’s daughter and in all rights a good girl. Or so she would like everyone to believe. 

Antonio Minola is CEO and top board member at MinolaTech and Asia’s boss. He is divorced, rich and Italian. Oh and gorgeous to boot. 

The story starts out with Asia facing an all too familiar harassment problem with a co-worker. The CFO has come up with a way to make Asia, go see him monthly. By denying her access to software she needs for her department’s accounting (with the excuse of some error) he successfully makes her visit his office and spend time with him. Asia catches on and eventually, he gets fired for it. This event though shows Mr. Minola, Asia’s abilities and leads to better things for her. 

After a meeting between Minola and Asia, Mr. Minola takes Asia home where she falls asleep. He is left to protect her from a misguided associate and takes it upon himself to protect the good girls home from future problems with a state of the art security system.

When Asia wakes she finds she has been abducted and is being held in a penthouse by a masked man who has decided to show her the dark side of life. Living out his fantasies and hers as well, she is introduced to the subtle side of submission. Turns out the good girl already had a bad side.

This is a good read. I found the plot a bit too rapid though. There was very little build up into the characters. I think a bit more character building and a slower pace would have furthered the reader’s sense of involvement in the story. Everything happened so fast and left the reader guessing a bit. Which may be exactly what the author wanted. Overall though a good story.



Image Credit to Victoria Quinn


Good afternoon all. I have just finished reading “Black Obsidian” by Victoria Quinn. Here are my thoughts.

First I feel the need to say this is a book for adults only and has a large amount of sexual content.

Character Rome Moretti has struggled in life to get to where she is. From an abusive childhood to memories that haunt her, she has struggled through them with the help of her brother by choice Christopher. Rome is independent and self sufficient. Enter Calloway Owens, wealthy head of a humanitarian organization to turn her world upside down. He is into some dark things and she has no clue. He wants to be her dom and she wants to be his love but on her own terms.

This book is a good read. I liked the storyline and the struggles Cal faces in his earnest longing for a woman that is contrary to everything he thinks he wants. Rome is the personification of an independent woman, a role she struggles to maintain as she falls for Calloway. I enjoy how the story unfolds and how it describes the struggles both sides face to try and be what the other wants without giving up themselves at the same time.

I did not give this five stars even though I liked it, here is why. While very well written I find the story to be a watered down version of Fifty Shades. I was expecting more from the advertisements, however, did not receive it. I also do not like how the story just ended. While I know this is book one of a series, there was no lead up to the end and next book, it just kind of ended. This is definitely a series that does not stand alone.

Altogether, this was a good book. I do not know if I am willing to read the remaining books in the series. We will see.

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