Inspire Yourself to Shine

Say I can do it, and show that you believe,

Inspire yourself to overcome and achieve,

Not only your dreams but your desires of heart,

Believe in yourself, this is always the first place to start,

Your goals are reachable, as easy as can be,

If you put in the work, and desire to see,

Reach for the stars and pluck them from the sky,

Grow your own wings and teach yourself to fly,

Never say impossible, or so it becomes,

Negativity breeds negative as your mind gradually numbs,

So positive think and positivity speak,

Imagine a rainbow, brighten the horizon that is bleak,

You are your own sun, say this warmth is mine,

Nothing is impossible when you inspire yourself to shine.

Our World Is Crying For Change

Our world is hurting, lives are being lost

Innocence and virtue are paying the ultimate cost

Everyone is fighting, the tactics are all the same

No one accepts their part, everyone else is to blame

Our children will suffer, what will be the price

Of an ever evolving world, addicted to money, greed, and vice

Politicians are pointing fingers, people are turning up dead

You can lose your life for how you think, pray, and for things you have said

Will no one stand up for our world as it weeps

From the fear inside, all the secrets it keeps

Our world is scared of the violence, the faces of anger are strange

It is desperately crying, pleading for change.

When Will the Weight Issue End?


We live in a society that is obsessed with image. Magazines idolize women who are super skinny or as is recently popular plus sized. The message that is overwhelmingly published is that of being okay with your body and your size. However, the images are either one extreme or the other. My topic for today is getting rid of the image obsession that monopolizes magazine covers and web articles. How about we just show average everyday people doing what they do? No Photoshop or airbrushed magic. Let’s teach our society that they are beautiful just the way they are. That it is okay to be imperfectly you.

I understand that to sell products idealized tactics are used. I feel a better approach would be to advertise enhancing one’s own beauty with accents. Not using this product to make oneself beautiful. Why do we need to make a person feel mediocre to get them to buy something to make them spectacular? People are spectacular and can buy products to make them feel as spectacular as they are. Let’s teach people to accentuate what they already have. Not cover up who they were born to be.

Ancient cultures had the perfect idea of beauty. Perfection was not a necessity as many of their sculptures show. Both men and women had flaws. Both were an average weight with full stomachs. Not excessively over or underweight. Just normal. For example, the Roman sculpture of Julius Caesar shows a strong man with muscles but still a stomach.  His face is marred with wrinkles which are natural and thus make the sculpture magnificent. Today these same sculptures would be retouched to remove the wrinkles and make the muscle slender and toned.

This brings up another obsession of modern times, Photoshop. If you see a picture of a person on any media platform you have to question, is that really what they look like? Photographs used to be taken to capture memories in time. Now they are taken to enhance and change them so they can be the perfect image of who one has been taught to believe they should be. I think it is high time we did away with these image manipulations. Teach people that they are beautiful, and they won’t need to airbrush their wrinkles away. Teach them that size only matters if you are unhealthy, not in deciding whether you are beautiful or not.

I have a crazy theory that if we teach our children to eat right and to love themselves no matter what, we could get rid of all this self-hate and image obsession. Who knows, if we teach every child that they are beautiful no matter the shape of their body, the color of their skin, the amount of acne on their face, or any other outside influence, that they are beautiful and amazing for who they are, maybe just maybe they will listen. After all, they certainly listen when we tell them that it is okay to be themselves and show them pictures of anorexic models with airbrushed perfection. Gee, I wonder how our society ended up so obsessed with how they look. I think it is time this changed.

I challenge each of you to take this task to heart. Teach your children, loved ones, brothers, sisters, spouses, and anyone you know, that they are beautiful just the way they are. If we spread the love maybe it could become contagious and we could infect the world with good vibes and the love of oneself.

Until next time remember you are beautiful, you inspire me and I hope I can inspire you.



Remembering The Heroes

Today is a day in American history most of us will never forget. We can all remember where we were when the first plane hit and what we were doing when the first tower fell.

I know I remember arriving at work and seeing the news and the faces of my co-workers. I also remember the feeling of helplessness driving back home. The tears that flowed as we watched neighbors nervously waiting to see if their loved ones were okay.

Today I pay tribute to all those who lost their lives, all those who risked their lives to save the survivors, and all of the family members not only left behind but also those who spent those hours waiting to know. All of these people are heroes to me. Each year we honor the survivors, the lost, and the rescue workers. I think we should honor each person who was touched by this horrific attack.

I truly hope that we can all find peace with the events of this day. I am saddened that this is now a chapter in my child’s history book. I hope that she may be able to live to see these acts of hatred cease. May we all.

So to all of you whether a survivor, rescuer, lost one, and others who suffered on this day, you are all heroes to me. You will never be forgotten. May your stories serve as an example of what our country can become. May peace prevail not only in our country but around the world.

Reaching Your Dreams

Setting goals in life, is a natural thing. We set goals for college, family, car, jobs, etcetera. How many people actually set goals for their dreams? I too, am guilty of not setting goals for my dreams, until recently that is.

As a mother to 6 children, from 2years to 24 years, and a recent college graduate, goals are a daily part of life. We have goals for chores, grades, family time, and the all important sports. However, until about 2 months ago, I did not have goals to fulfilling my dreams. Then it hit me, as I was staring at my computer, wondering how I was ever going to achieve the things that make me the happiest, I cannot achieve them if I have not set a priority to do so. Now I have a goal set for following my dreams, and plan a part of my goals in my daily routine. One of my life long dreams has been to write, and I have done so for personal satisfaction since I was a little girl. We don’t need to discuss how many years that is, let’s just say a long while. What to do about making this happen? How am I going to finish the book I started writing last summer? I am a mother and wife after all, there is no time for other things, right? Wrong!

This is where my decision for goal setting to meet my dreams came in. I have set a personal goal as to when I want to have the book finished. This in turn puts my book on my daily schedule of priorities. Now, like everything in life, I can see a way of achieving what I dream about, and dreaming becomes a reality.

While I work towards the goal of completing my book, I have set some smaller goals as well, (like writing this blog post), to help me achieve my dream of writing. And just like that, as soon as I push publish on this post, I have achieved, at least part of my dream of becoming a writer.

Our dreams are what make life worth living. So, make a plan, set your goals, and follow your dreams. Dream big and live your dreams.