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    Book Signing Reminder

    Good afternoon all. I hope that this weekend has seen all of your warm and happy. As many start their week and others relish one last day of for the Holiday, I want to remind everyone that there is only 5 more days until my first book signing. I am nervous and excited at the same time. To meet those who have read my book face to face. To hear their opinions in person instead of through social media networks. I am looking forward to meeting everyone who comes out.

    For those of you who may have missed my earlier post, if you happen to find yourself in or near Coffeyville, KS. Saturday February 23rd between 1 pm and 4 pm, stop by the local library to have your copy of La Flor Manor signed by me personally. Also, if you do not yet have a copy you ca pick one up at the event.

    I cannot wait to see you there. Until then, stay inspired my friends. Your next inspiration could be under that pile of snow you find yourself shoveling or in the raindrops that sprinkle slowly to the ground.

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    I Am Choosing Me

    Photo by Kristina Tripkovic on Unsplash
    I do not want to be here I am tired of the pain
    Your indifference and the solitude is making me insane
    I feel trapped in this abyss that has become my heart
    Your words have me drowning, they are tearing me apart
    I cry for the future and cry for the past
    I wonder how long I can truly last
    I am slowly dying from the pain that is destroying my mind
    You never seem to notice are you really, truly blind
    Your words are like daggers they cut me to the bone
    The tears that I cry, are ones you have never known
    Not because you do not see them but because you do not care
    Though you are with me it is though you are not even there
    I am tired of crying, my tears I will wipe clean
    My spirit is waking, longing to be seen
    If you will not reach me I will have to let you go
    I am choosing to live, I just thought you should know
    I have waited for something that I hoped would come to be
    I waited too long hoping you would finally see
    Your eyes have not opened and my mind has paid the price
    Well I am done paying, I am done playing nice
    If you will not see me and show me the way
    Then my time I am taking and goodbye I will say
    I hoped for a future that is clearly impossible to reach
    Now I am reaching for a solution that a lesson could not to teach
    My time was not wasted nor will I regret
    I have treasured many moments I will not soon forget
    But I move on to a horizon that for me has time to spare
    To find a path with room enough for me to share
    Not to walk alone without love by my side
    I have decided I no longer want to run and hide
    I will face this truth strongly and use its power to grow
    I am choosing myself and I just thought you should know
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    I Am Somebody

    Nobody sees me, cry as I may

    Nobody sees me, as I simply fade away,

    Nobody hears me, or my pleas in the night

    Nobody hears me, as I struggle through this fight

    Nobody needs me, until their plate is bare

    Nobody needs me, they don’t even realize that I am not there

    Nobody knows me, or the path that I tread

    Nobody knows me, or the pain inside my head

    Though nobody sees me, my heart breaks in two

    Though nobody sees me, my tears cry out for you

    Though nobody hears me, my song I will sing

    Though nobody hears me, my voice I will give wing

    Though nobody needs me, my gifts I freely give

    Though nobody needs me, happiness I continue to live

    Though nobody knows me, one day they will

    Though nobody knows me, I share myself still.