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    Who Knew Being an Author Could Make You Nervous

    Good afternoon all. I am super excited and nervous as well. Tomorrow will be my first book signing and I know it will go great. But do you have have those panic attack moments, right before a big event? Well that is where I am now.

    I am looking forward to meeting everyone. But if I am honest, this scares the daylights out of me. I love to communicate in my blog and in books and poetry but I am a very shy and private person. So what was I thinking in becoming an author. A public figure. I do not know, except I knew I needed to overcome my fears to follow my dreams of writing books. So here I am.

    So tomorrow I will put on my best smile and complete one more hurtle for my dreams. I hope to see many of you. I look forward to chatting about La Flor Manor and anything else you would care to share. Have a wonderful Friday and a fabulous weekend.

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    A Friendship to Love

    Why must it be always this way
    Why must I wait for the beautiful words that you say
    Time I must steal, the mere minutes you give
    Though we are apart, in my heart you will live
    You have touched my soul the part of me I hide from the light
    I tried to keep you out, I tried will all my might
    Your words were too sweet penetrating this wall
    The words touched too deeply causing me to fall
    To believe them would be heaven, a moonlight kiss
    My heart is leary though something is amiss
    Could it be the beauty or my thought of worth 
    Could it be that there is something since this relationships birth
    Though friends is what we are your words long for love 
    Could this all be a lie or a gift from above
    I will watch from a distance which path will we take
    I will stay in the shadows until a decision I can make
    Whether I trust in the beauty and give love in the end
    For now, I feel lucky to have you as my friend
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    Share You With Me

    Tell me your story, I want to hear your name,

    Whisper to me your secrets, and let me do the same,

    Let me be your shoulder, your pillar in the night,

    Give me reign to support you, to help you through your fight,

    I do not want to keep you, I only wish to see,

    What the future will hold if you simply let it be,

    Will you share yourself with me, do you want to let me in?

    Is it safe for me to share too, are you ready to begin?

    Friendship is all I am seeking, no need to run away,

    Who knows what you could find if you took the time to stay,

    It must be lonely always on your own,

    Let me change that for you, compassion can replace the fear you have known,

    Just one word is all it will take to show you how it could be,

    Will you take the chance today, will you share you with me?