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    My Sympathies and Rage

    Today’s post is hard for me to write but needs to be done. Again today we are saddened by the atrocities of hate. It is with a heavy heart that I send my sympathies to all of those affected by the horrific scene carried out in New Zealand. These sympathies are extended to the families of the victims, the friends who have lost their loved ones, the religious who are scared to observe their faith and the world which faces this hate daily.

    With my sympathies though comes a deep rage. An anger at those who commit these horrific acts. As a Catholic I have my beliefs, but I believe that it is not my place to force others to believe as I do. Even Jesus did not do this. The bible says that Jesus made his journey through the lands inviting others to join him. It does not say he walked through killing whoever did not agree with him. It does not say show hate to all who are different.

    My church is my safe haven. The place I go to express my beliefs and be at one with my God. This is my choice and I invite anyone who cares to join me to do so. I do not condemn them though if they will not follow me. This is my choice and my decision. This is the path I choose. It sickens me to think that because I am Catholic others view me as an enemy. I cannot even begin to imagine what other religions feel as they are persecuted and gunned down for believing in a higher power then themselves.

    Do not get me wrong. I understand what is said about many different religions out there. But unlike many, I do not think it is my place to judge others. I also do not believe everything I read or see on the local news or spouted by prominent figures through social media. I look for answers, concrete proof. I rely on facts not hate. It is my belief that people have the right to choose who they are and what they believe. That no one should be shot down because their religion is not your own.

    While this may not be a popular opinion in this day and age it is mine. And guess what, I am entitled to it. Does that mean that I should be silenced for believing this way? I would hope not. These senseless killings are not for the greater good, they do not promote one faith, they are not justified by any reason. These killings are outright hate. Nothing more. Hate is something that is becoming increasingly rampant in many parts of the world. Including here in the United States. This saddens me but also makes me so angry at those who let it happen. Who stand by and watch these bullies tear someone down for who they are, the color of their skin, or what religion they claim. It has to stop. We all need to take a stand. I know as a white Catholic, many see me as part of the problem. But that is the problem itself. Too many see my skin color, my religion, or that I am a woman and cast stereotypes to decide who I am. Here’s an idea, talk to me. Get to know me. Ask me who I am.

    Only with information can we fight ignorance. And ignorance is what these hate crimes are. After all who are any of us to judge what religion is right, or what color of skin is better? What makes any of us qualified to make this decision. We are all human beings. We all bleed, cry, and grieve and none of us are worthy of judging someone else. Matt.7. [1] Judge not, that ye be not judged. How many out there can say they have never done anything that someone else could say was wrong? I know I cannot nor would I ever try.

    Our world needs to change. Not one person or one religion. The world needs to change. We need to stand up to these bullies and say that each human being has a right to live. These are just my opinions on the matter, but I think that if we all took a stand our world could change. It could be the world our parents envisioned for us. Not one that we do not even wish for our own children.

    I wish all of you a marvelous weekend, I send prayers to the families suffering all around the world. May you find peace and may our world find the change it so greatly needs.

    As always inspire to be inspired and love even without love in return.

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    Finding a Writing Buddy

    As an avid reader I am very familiar with the concept of a reading buddy. I am just recently discovering the concept of a writing buddy though. Someone who is like minded and can help you work through your writing works.

    Not only have I discovered the great benefits for both sides with a writing buddy, but I have also come to understand that I need one. I have readers and family who stand behind me. What I am lacking is someone who understands me. The way my brain turns everything into a literary stepping stone. I find inspiration for writing in everything in my life and it fuels the passion I have to put words down for others to read. This is a foreign concept though for most of those around me.

    As an author of both poetry and books, I have found myself in even more need of someone to bounce my ideas off of. Someone who understands the way writing works and has the same interests. But how do I find a like-minded person? So I decided to ask you, my readers for advice. I know many of you are writers as well. How do you handle this issue? Where did you find your writing buddy? Who tells you when an idea works or just honestly stinks? Leave me some ideas in the comments section. Let me know how you handle the struggles of a creative mind.

    As always, inspire to be inspired. The world is only as big as you allow it to be. Embrace it and you will see how small it can seem.

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    A Friendship to Love

    Why must it be always this way
    Why must I wait for the beautiful words that you say
    Time I must steal, the mere minutes you give
    Though we are apart, in my heart you will live
    You have touched my soul the part of me I hide from the light
    I tried to keep you out, I tried will all my might
    Your words were too sweet penetrating this wall
    The words touched too deeply causing me to fall
    To believe them would be heaven, a moonlight kiss
    My heart is leary though something is amiss
    Could it be the beauty or my thought of worth 
    Could it be that there is something since this relationships birth
    Though friends is what we are your words long for love 
    Could this all be a lie or a gift from above
    I will watch from a distance which path will we take
    I will stay in the shadows until a decision I can make
    Whether I trust in the beauty and give love in the end
    For now, I feel lucky to have you as my friend