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    When One Door Closes

    Good afternoon all. How are you doing today. Leave me a comment and let me know how you are and where you are reading from. I thought it might be interesting to know where all my support is coming from.

    Anyway, today I decided to write about the spectacular saying “When one door closes, another one opens.” I have always believed this. I actually have a sign up beside my desk that says this exact phrase. Along with the “I can’t do the whole adult thing today” sign but that is for a different day. I truly believe though that the Lord closes doors in our lives to make room for those we truly need to be doing.

    This is where I am at today. I have seen the door close and a new one open not two hours later. One that would not have been possible without the first one closing. I received notice on Tuesday that one of the clients I was writing for no longer wished to continue our contract. I was upset and trying to figure out why. You know that whole self-doubt you place on yourself. Then I received an amazing opportunity to write for someone else. This new project is something I am familiar with and lets me take the credit for it too. Plus the benefits are better. While I was a believer in the “One Door Theory”, I had never experienced it quite so literally.

    Do you have stories like this? Ones that you just have to sit back and think there is a higher power at work? That things do happen for a reason? Share your stories with us in the comments section. I would love to hear your inspiring stories as well.

    It is the little things like this that affirm my belief in our Lord. It is because as I feel I am falling and at my wits end, something always happens to put me back on the path I need to be on. While it is not always the easiest road, it always turns out to be the best one.

    As always my friends, inspire to be inspired. Find that new door and knock until they open it. You are truly amazing and if the people around you cannot see it, find new people.

    Until next time, I hope to read some amazing stories of new doors opening and inspiration abound. Have a great day.

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    Just Saying Hello

    Good morning all or afternoon depending are where you are reading from. First I want to apologize for my absence. I have been working and adjusting to a new schedule. I did not mean to fall behind yet I have. I am finally getting caught up and wanted to see how all of you are doing?

    I have been blessed to receive extra work, however, it left me with the struggle of finding time for my personal writing and to keep up here. I am happy to say, I have finally managed to figure it all out and am back to my personal writing and of course here as well.

    I also have been able to make some progress on La Flor Manor II: Going Home. I will be posting chapter by chapter on for any of you interested in reading it. I will update you on the progress when I get the first chapter uploaded. Also, a big thank you to Channillo for the opportunity to write for them. I look forward to a long relationship with you.

    Also, I wanted to share with you some of my exciting adventures so far. I have entered several writing contests, from a short story to poetry, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for those. I am also working on the poetry book I mentioned in a previous post. I will not have it published until after La Flor Manor II, just wanted to update you all.

    I hope you are all having a fantastic week and that April brings you mountains of blessings. As always, inspire to be inspired. Beauty is around every corner. Don’t always look to see, sometimes you have to look to feel. Letting the world be your muse and guide your future.

    Finally, I want to thank all of you have purchased or downloaded on Kindle Unlimited, La Flor Manor I and also those who have given me such great feedback. I appreciate each and every one of you.

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    Treading Thin

    The mind churns, keeping time with the world
    Dodging the hate that is carelessly hurled
    The glass is only as full as you think it to be
    Until your mind can escape and finally be set free
    Society tells us that the world is one way
    To keep us on a path, to discourage us from going astray
    Do not follow this path for it only leads to hell
    Choose your own to follow and follow it well
    Do not let the burdens of a society in chains
    Cause you to miss the pleasures and pains
    That come from a destiny that is extraordinarily free
    If you choose your own path and choose to truly see
    You can choose not to follow the path they have made
    Not to stumble in the grave they have laid
    Fly above the shackles that would keep you within
    For the future it holds is slowly treading thin
    The world could be happy if tomorrow was filled with hope
    Instead of mind games designed to only get by or simply to cope
    Look for a future that shines brightly as like you do
    Seek something better and this new reality can come to you.