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    School Is Back In….Still No Time To Write.

    Good afternoon all. Well, we have all survived the holidays and the day has finally come that the children are back in school. So now there is time to write, right? Not in my house. Now there is time to catch up on all of the stuff that has been put off to spend time with my children. Yeah, that is the excuse we will use. If your house is anything like mine, these were things that were put off because it was easier to wait until the children were out of the house (and not making a further mess) to clean up and do. So the next few days will be spent putting my house back in order and getting back to life as normal. Do any of you experience this chaos when your children are home, or is it just my house? Let me know in the comments what your chaos is like. Maybe we can support each other and share strategies.

    I also want to take the time to thank all of you who have purchased the first book in the La Flor Manor trilogy. I hope you are enjoying it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I am currently working on book two and planning book three. Lizette and Feliciano are headed for some trials to say the least. Spain 1822 is not what Lizette expected at all and culture shock might possibly be setting in. Plus there is a bit of an over-protective mother-in-law to contend with there. We will have to see how the love birds deal with the strain.

    Lastly, I would like to ask for everyone’s patience with the new site. I am making some changes and upgrading some features. If there is something you don’t like, please drop me a line and let me know. It is a work in progress as I figure out what works best for my content and readers desires. Thank you in advance for your understanding. I will try to keep every one updated on the website and books two and three.

    As always, have a wonderful day and inspire to be inspired. I hope you achieve what you set out to do today, and if you do not, do not give up just keep trying.

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    Christmas Is Coming: How Will I Write Now?

    Good evening all. Yesterday, I wrote about something very personal and close to my heart. I want to say thank you, for the outpouring of support and holiday wishes I have received. I appreciate all of your messages, more than I can explain.

    Well today, I am onto the realization that with the holidays, that are less than a week a way comes winter break for my children. Let me start with I love my children more than life itself. That being said, I now have to figure out how to write with a 13-year-old, a 10-year-old, an 8-year-old, and of course my son who turned 3-years-old today, underfoot. I love to watch them play and do not even mind their squabbles. After all, that is what makes them children. The only difficulty is going to come from trying to string two or three sentences together at a time. Much less work on the second book in the La Flor Manor series.

    I will treasures these moments though. I am thinking, I might have to take a holiday from writing for the next two weeks. Either that, or my children are going to go back to school humming Beethoven, Vivaldi, and Mozart. Not that this would be a bad thing. Especially since recently, my favorite way to listen to “Fur Elise” is when my 13-year-old daughter is playing it on the piano.

    So, I will wish you all very happy holidays, while my mind is still working. I will see how much coffee it takes to do my articles each day, so as not to lose my job. I am wishing all of the parents out there, who will be facing the same perils, the best of luck for the next two weeks. I am here for you if you need an ear. Have a wonderful evening all.