La Flor Manor: The Introduction (La Flor Manor Book I)


Will Lizette choose to become the person the inhabitants of La Flor Manor need or will she leave them to their fate? Will love be enough for her to walk away from everything she knows? Discover the secrets that this mysterious castle holds.

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La Flor Manor is the first book in a trilogy. It is the story of a woman who is running away from a cheating man and manipulative family. She runs to Mexico and finds magic, mystery, love and of course complications. She can save an immortal prince from a life of solitude but must sacrifice herself to a world that is foreign to her. Only she can decide what happens to the inhabitants of La Flor Manor.

From the back cover:
Leaving her cheating boyfriend behind, Lizette escaped to find her destiny. Prince Feliciano believes he is destined to live an eternity alone. He cannot return home until he finds his soulmate. She must be pure of heart, with a link to his old world, thereby allowing him to know his queen to be and return home. But only if she will sacrifice everything she knows to be his salvation. She has the power to take him home again but will love be enough for her to abandon hers. What will become of the inhabitants of La Flor Manor?

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