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    Share You With Me

    Tell me your story, I want to hear your name,

    Whisper to me your secrets, and let me do the same,

    Let me be your shoulder, your pillar in the night,

    Give me reign to support you, to help you through your fight,

    I do not want to keep you, I only wish to see,

    What the future will hold if you simply let it be,

    Will you share yourself with me, do you want to let me in?

    Is it safe for me to share too, are you ready to begin?

    Friendship is all I am seeking, no need to run away,

    Who knows what you could find if you took the time to stay,

    It must be lonely always on your own,

    Let me change that for you, compassion can replace the fear you have known,

    Just one word is all it will take to show you how it could be,

    Will you take the chance today, will you share you with me?

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    La Flor Manor II: Returning Home

    Good morning all. I hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday. I decided to ask for some help today. I am working on the second book in the La Flor Manor series and am looking for ideas. Any of you who have read the first one know that Lizette and Feliciano will be going back to 1822 Spain. There they will reunite with Feliciano’s parents the king and queen. My question is; As this is a fantasy romance would you rather see the details of 1822 Spain or a fantasized version of what it might have been?

    Please feel free to leave any comments here or you can leave them on my Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, GoodReads, or LinkedIn page as well. I look forward to hearing all of your great ideas.

    As a side note today I would like to thank the artists who contribute to, as this is where most of the pictures on my posts come from. There are a few that are mine, like my son pretending to throw a fit for my tantrum piece. I appreciate all of the great work that is posted to Pexels. For those of you who have never used it is a royalty free stock photo site. They have some amazing artists, and you can support them and their work by liking their pages. So if you haven’t already take a peek at what they have to offer.

    While I am talking about writing, I am excited to let everyone know that I am planning on putting together a book of poetry. I intend to use the poems I have already written and the many more that are longing to escape my brain. I am writing them as they come and intend to put the book together as soon as I finish the writing of Returning Home. So be on the look out for that, hopefully later this year.

    As always I wish you an amazingly inspired week. Inspire to be inspired and follow your dreams. Your next big inspiration may just be around the next corner.